The village of Ragenwold lays about thirty miles north of Madryn. The town sits at the center of a network of minor logging camps in the wooded lands to the north and west. The town is located close to the Ran Gilde, which allows for the convenient transport of finished wood products to Madryn, and the rest of Manoel beyond.

A town council, composed of members of the leading families, makes laws and hears disputes for the settlement and the surrounding population.

Like the rest of Manoel, the village has seen better days, and now the lumber mill in town runs only a few days a week, and few caravans call at Ragenwold.

Ringed by a sturdy palisade wall, the town would be a tough nut to crack for any smaller war bands, but in truth, it has only survived due to its visibly apparent poverty. The first determined attack would probably suffice to destroy the village, although the people of Ragenwold are determined to sell themselves dearly in any attack.


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