The End of the V Age

Journey to Ui Brega

After the Attack on Madryn, the party were tasked with pursuing the standard of the city, and set out the next morning north in pursuit of the raiders. The band of raiders followed the road to Ragenwold, a small settlement about two day’s travel northeast of Madryn. On the morning of 10/5 2 Salaun, the party caught up with a small rearguard from the warband, and were able to ambush and destroy it. The next morning, they arrived in Ragenwold, where they delivered a cart full of supplies. From talking to the villagers of Ragenwold, the party confirmed the existence of an abandoned keep, Ui Brega, deep in the woods to the north of Ragenwold. The party set out at once. Heading north into the steadily rising uplands of the Ir-Fadha, the party began to see evidence of large movements of inhuman forces. Due to nerves, the party made camp before night fall. That evening, as they huddled around their fire, a large band of wolves began circling the party’s camp fire. Garak crippled one wolf that drew too close, but otherwise there was no blood shed on either side. In the morning, all evidence of the pack of wolves had vanished, and so the party continued their trip north to Ui Brega. Shortly after turning off from the cart-path they had followed, and entering the woods, Araidan spotted a small detachment of goblins, lying in wait to ambush the party, and the party was able to scatter the ambushers and proceed to Ui Brega without further interruption.



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