The End of the V Age

Inside Ui Brega

Upon reaching the main gate of the ruined fortress, the party saw evidence of significant foot traffic. After searching the perimeter of the ruins, the party entered through the main doors. The keep was abandoned over a hundred years ago, and has largely fallen into ruins. The upper levels are completely ruined, and large parts of the interior have collapsed or flooded. Several small bands of orcs, goblins and hobgoblins were found and defeated within the ruins, although the banner was nowhere to be found. In the basement of the keep was a prison, and there the party liberated the six missing captives. In the furthest cell was found another prisoner, the party did not expect to see. Elgar Millson, who disappeared with Araidan’s brother Dungarth, was locked away. When approached, Elgar alternated between screaming and sobbing, and has clearly gone insane. Gathering the captives and Elgar the party set out from the keep, to begin the journey back to Madryn.



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