The End of the V Age

Attack on Madryn

On 10/3 2 Salaun, the city of Madryn was attacked by a large band of orcs and goblins. A two-pronged assault targeted both the main gate and Wihomarc’s tower. The thinly-defended gate was held by a small band of adventurers and archers from the garrison. The tower was the scene of fierce fighting, and the standard of the city was captured, before the defenders rallied and drove the enemy back from the tower. After this reverse, the war band retreated from the field, although the standard could not be recovered.

After the battle, it was discovered that six defenders were unaccounted for, three dwarves and three humans. The band of adventures set off in pursuit of the band, seeking to recapture the standard and learn what they could about the missing defenders.



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